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I love drawing art and reading manga , I’m a fan of voice actors and Vtubers #ActuallyAutistic and also I'm a nerd ,Age 25, Demi/ Pan Demigirl She/They

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Wow you look very cool Aisaka and here’s mine

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I’ve got that Shonen , Harem and Yuri protagonist energy

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Aww you look awesome Melty and here’s me ❤️

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😳 with Malleus I think I’ll survive 💚

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Post 4 characters you relate to and let people assume things about you:
Some honorable mentions: Langa from Sk8 , Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari, Mimi from Digimon, Rita from tales of Vesperia, Rukia from Bleach 💖

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I’m not wearing that outfit I’d rather dress like Ramuda from Hypnosis mic

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POV: I’m just an adorable nerd that loves anime would I make a good shonen protagonist maybe well I do have a huge love for trading cards and figures etc 💖

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22. Fujitaka Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura ❤️

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