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hoshiko。25↑。she/her。🔞 腐, 雑食, 逆カプもOK 🔞 テニプリ 柳蓮二最推し/ツイステ ⚡️右/金カム 鯉月 ENG/עבר/日本語OK! read card byf

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being a bit awkward with friends in the anthology covers
being happy with friends in the anniversary cards groovy ☺️

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mirrors are important in dsny and in twst in particular (mirror of darkness, hall of mirrors, mc seeing mickey in the mirror) so it's crazy how sebek and silver are perfect mirrors of each other and their mirroring have so many layers

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they have some of the most beautiful eyes in the game,, i love how different they are 😭💚

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sighs as i add another crying sebek to the collection (i fear chapter 7)

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love love love how the style is kiinda similar but still unique and the matching nails?? they look so cool i would go to all of their shows I’ll be their number one fan 😭

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why is sebek the character who cried the most so far and that’s before his main story chapter 😭 he’s such a crybaby we must protect at all costs

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does sebek tsumu likes nuzzling against ppl 😭 i wonder if sebek craves this too but he too tsundere to show it 🥺😭

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