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Amateur game creator! Icon by @ZessDynamite! Mutuals can DM me for my Discord! 🔞May not be SFW, so 18+ only! #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAsianHate

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an example of him

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just had the cursed revelation that Rabbit is one species change to hedgehog away from being a Shadamy fankid. I don't know what to do with this realization

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More progress on Holly's portrait!

For those unfamiliar with GBAFE character portrait image formats, the copies of her eyes and mouth are going to be her blinking and speaking frames; I just haven't gotten to adding those yet

Still not F2U/F2E

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For literally the first full-custom Fire Emblem portrait I have ever made in my life I think this came out pretty good. Definitely still gonna be making touch-ups to it and such but I'm proud of where it is now!

(NOT F2U or F2E!)

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I can be your Devil or Angle
(they're both Angle)

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Even just the designs of generic enemy types give them a lot of personality! Even creatures like Piranha Plants with no facial features at all besides their mouths have plenty! How little attention to you have to be paying to think that there isn't any

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(Furret isn't a first-form Pokemon but whatever. It's cute, it evolves super early, and it works nicely as the ace of an early-game team of otherwise-first-stage Normal-types)

Also I lied. Rock team

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Normal-type team Take 2! I realized I also love a lot of first-form Normal-types, so this team is constructed as one I'd use as an early-game Gym Leader / when fighting more inexperienced challengers!

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Finally, Take 1 on a Normal-type team! This would be more of a "late-game Gym Leader" sort of team, but I also have an idea for a sort of "early-game" or "Little Cup"-type Normal team I'd wanna use

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Next up, a Ground team! Not gonna lie, Dragon and Ground both came to mind because I love Flygon and I also love a lot of Dragon Pokémon as well as a lot of Ground Pokémon, haha

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