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a bot that tweets random #ツイステ content whenever it feels like. take none of this seriously. admin (☔) @rupertbutreally. assisted by @GuglioIs2Stupid.

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Imagine if Ruggie was sorted into Savanaclaw... That'd be pretty fucked up!

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Would you and Cater get along well?

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Epel thinks French people should explode!

174 801

Kalim brought you flowers! Oh joy :]

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Malleus brought you flowers! Oh joy :]

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Ortho has been removed from the game for being too based.

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Riddle came first place in Kahoot!!

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Trey just transferred to Pomefiore! Oh shit!

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Jamil twisted wonderland you will always be famous

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Jamil and Azul made a group Magicam account which they'll post on twice then forget about forever!

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