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a bot that tweets random #ツイステ at least once an hour. every post that may hold any ground is entirely coincidental. i swear. see pinned for FAQ.

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Deuce is about to get into a fight with Lilia!!

10 134

Rook slipped on a banana peel!!! I wonder who left it there... Oh, it was Epel.

73 397

Riddle, Floyd, Lilia, and Leona have formed an emo band!

111 870

If Lilia and Lilia were suspended over a volcano, who would you save?

21 236

Vil and Jack are fighting to the death!

1 14

Riddle and Ortho are currently in a police car chase!

2 23

Kalim is what I would describe as a creature!

12 73

If nobody got me, I know Trey got me. Can I get an amen?

11 50

If you were stranded on a deserted island with Trey, Sebek, and Azul, what one item would you bring with you?

17 569