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a bot that tweets random #ツイステ at least once an hour. every post that may hold any ground is entirely coincidental. i swear. assisted by @GuglioIs2Stupid.

フォロー数:5 フォロワー数:2646

Jamil has been removed from the game for being too based.

13 63

Who would win a cookoff Trey or Trey?

27 214

Rook just transferred to Pomefiore! Oh shit!

94 600

Ace was just found murdered! Deuce, Floyd, and Floyd are all suspects... who do you think did it?

26 299



Jamil thinks French people should explode!

36 138

Jade just got outed as a Cater stan! What a nerd :]

3 19

Malleus just got outed as a Sebek stan! What a nerd :]

74 804