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Fox/Beli/Sophie💕FGO stan account💕21↑💕oc x canon supporter 💕🇮🇹
💕Gawain's wife💕
‼️DNI if under 16‼️
💕this is not a spoiler free FGO account💕

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Hello once i'll be less butthurt because of douman i'll be back, for now, padoru padoru

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😎 my part of an AT with my GF, she asked me to draw her with Li and Mori

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happy pocky day <3
sorry for the inactivy!!!

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meet Matilde Di Canossa, another servant oc of mine! The design doesnt belong to me, i got her as a gift from a friend!

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Halloween wip, its Sophie and Gaw, but as alters 🥺♥️

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Eliza looks like their child fr. Im speachless

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happy ! gotta post some of my favourite pieces i did lately! (flamingo-sama is my alt username)

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