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I love drawing art and reading manga , I’m a fan of voice actors and Vtubers #ActuallyAutistic and also I'm a nerd ,Age 26,Demi/ Pan Demigirl She/They

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When you see this tweet QRT it with 4 pictures that expose your taste in women
I’d say I have pretty fine taste 💜💖

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🚶🏽‍♀️Whenever this series gets an anime adaptation I’m for sure gonna be watching it 💖

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This pic of Silva and Katarina it makes me wish I was the one being blindfolded plus guys with eyepatches are very hott 💜

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Yes the pink haired character is a guy his names Koharu this is his casual appearance

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If you see this, art with 4 pics that expose your taste in men
I think all of them are hott and gorgeous 💜

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I’m trying this out again 💚💖
Post characters you relate to and let people make assumptions about you"

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Anime interaction post: what are some Magical girl series or anime in general that you feel people don’t talk about enough??? for me I have quite a few but Sugar Sugar rune is one of them 💖

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The New Yugioh illustration pins look beautiful 💖💜❤️

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